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Welcome to my index. Almost all the stories here are from a slash perspective, some might be characterised as pre-slash and some have het aspects. Ratings vary. Genre and ratings, as well as length, warnings and disclaimers (where applicable), are included in the headers of the individual stories.

Links from the index are to various LJ communities or to my LJ [many headers also have links to Archive of Our Own (AO3)], none are to fanfiction.net. Bit by bit, I'll be changing the LJ links to DW ones.

If you proceed to reading, I hope you enjoy them. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Stories are grouped by fandom and listed alphabetically in each. Related stories are listed together.

Man From U.N.C.L.E.
A Single Alif Après-Ski Affair, The
- A Single Alif revised version of Down the Chimney 2011 post - The Après-Ski Affair revised version of Down the Chimney 2012 post
Blue Diamonds Conversion
-Original Easter Egg 2010
- Expansion of Easter Egg: Blue Diamonds
- Black Sapphires
- Baroque Pearls - Part I
- Baroque Pearls - Part II
- Baroque Pearls - Part III (WIP)
- Conversion Easter Egg 2013
D Episode-related Vignettes
- Dill Valentine 2011
- Dragon's Egg Easter Egg 2016
- Envy (Seven Sins Challenge)
- Recollecting
- Reflections on 'The Sound of Rain' Halloween Challenge 2011
- The Touch of Butterflies
- Unblemished
- When the Cherries Bloom
- Something That Belongs To Me Chapter 1 of the 50th Anniversary Slash Round Robin at MFUWSS (June 2014)
Kohl Lecture Hall
- Original Easter Egg 2011
- Continuation of Easter Egg 2011
- Lecture Hall Valentine 2011
Overtures (and related stories) Power
- Overtures
- Without a Word
- Bare Hands Valentine 2011
- Power Summer Solstice 2011
Rosebay Affair, The Silent Monologue
- The Rosebay Affair: Part I
- The Rosebay Affair: Part II
- The Rosebay Affair: Part III Easter Egg 2012
- Kintsugi (The Rosebay Affair: Part IV) Easter Egg 2014
- Magnetic Midnight (The Rosebay Affair: Part 4.5) Easter Egg 2015
- Evolution (The Rosebay Affair: Part V) MFU50 MiniBang 2014
(Inspired by the Seven Sins Challenge)
- Silent Monologue Original in English plus Irish translation
Third Through the Invisible
- Third: Part I (Easter Egg 2010)
- Third: Part II
- Third: Part III - Palme d'Or
- Third: Leitmotifs (Back story - WIP)
(AU, Down the Chimney 2009)

- Through the Invisible: Volume I (revised version of DtC post)
- Through the Invisible: Volume II (WIP)
Treasures Untying the Knot
(Down the Chimney 2010, cross-over)
- Treasures: revised version
- Untying the Knot
Other Fandoms
Watching Series Vortices
- Watching
- Fair Warning
- Kintsugi Easter Egg 2014 (which combines threads from Fair Warning and from The Rosebay Affair)
(WIP, AU, Torchwood/The Forms of Things Unknown cross-over)

- Vortices This section can stand alone or be read as Part I of the continuing story. (links to the next section are at the end of each part)
- Part II
- Part III
- Part IV
- Part V
- Part VI
- Part VII
The Bells Retro

(AU, Violent Playground/The Bells cross-over)

- The Bells
(WIP, friends locked)

- Retro: Part I (links to the next section are at the end of each part)
- Part II
- Part III
- Part IVa
- Part IVb
- Part V
Experiments Series Other Experiments Series

- Part I: Zygomata
- Part II: You Follow Me Down Other Roads
- Part IIIa: Untitled Document
- Part IIIb: C# Minor
- Part IV: Unwritten Notes
- Part V: Chimera
- Part VIa: Locked Rooms (beginning)
- Part VIb: Locked Rooms (conclusion)
- Part VII: Silk Road Holmestice December 2012 (may also be read as a stand-alone)

(Pre-Season 1 though post-Season 2, AU)
- Sometimes
- Index of Coincidence
- Call and Answer
- Closing the Back Door
(To read OES and ES as one narrative, insert the Experiments Series stories here)
- Immunology
- Fevers
- If I Caught You
- Original Research
- Primary Sources
- Bibliography
- Uncalibrated Measurements
- Blood Samples
- Fading to Sand
- Night View from the Mind Palace
- Haematology
- Afire
- Haploid
- There Are Times When the Stars Are Too Close
- Nighttide
- Stone Mirror
- Scintillation
- Carbonado (A Mystrade thread following on from the opening scene may be read here.)
- Frail Blue
- Correspondence
- Icarus Clipped
- Reliquary (beginning)
- Reliquary (conclusion)
- Aberdeen to Euston June 2013 Holmestice story
- Revisionist December 2012 Sherlockmas story, which can also be read as a stand-alone
(More files from John's flashdrive may be read here.)
- Leaf Fall
- Moats
- Ransom June 2014 Holmestice Exchange
Files From a Flashdrive The Eagle in the Oak

- Revisionist December 2012 Sherlockmas story (May be read as a stand alone or as part of OES where it would fit in after Aberdeen to Euston.)
- White Satin, Silver Sequins Sherlockmas July 2013. (May be read as a stand alone or as part of OES where it would fit in after Revisionist.)
- White Satin, Silver Sequins (a continuation). (Needs to be read as a pair with White Satin, Silver Sequins.)
- Moats (May be read as a stand alone or as part of OES where it would fit in after Leaf Fall.)
- Ransom (A sequel to Moats) June 2014 Holmestice Exchange

(A Mystrade thread that runs parallel to and occasionally intertwines with the OES series. For placement within the chronology of the series, see Carbonado in the OES listing above.)

- Carbonado (first scene only)
- We're Sorry For Any Inconvenience Sherlockmas Summer Prompt Fest 2013
- Necropolis Spook-Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2013
- Ex Libris A brief scene between Necropolis and Safer
- Safer December 2013 Holmestice Exchange
- Rue Morgue A short vignette which would have occurred sometime during the early part of Safer
- Seat Assignment: Open Let's Write Sherlock Challenge 13-Vacation Getaway June 2014
- Surveillance a continuation of Seat Assignment: Open
Sherlock Metafiction Series Meta

(A collection of metafiction: musings in the first person, from the viewpoints of different characters, about developments in Series Three and how they connect with events in the previous series.)

- John's Meta: Your Life and Mine
- John's Meta: Dressing Wounds
- Mycroft's Meta: Time to Choose A Side
- Sherlock's Meta: The Tell-Tale Heart

(An actual meta!)
- Facets
Sundry Series 3/post-Series 3/Series 4 Stories Sherlock - Magical AUs

- In Arduis Fidelis Come at Once Challenge: Round 4 - June/July 2014
- Milk
- Red (a sequel to Milk)
- Rain (a sequel to Red)
- Coloured Pencils December 2015 Holmestice Exchange
- I Thought It Was You (Series 4)

- This First Summer Month That Brings the Rose Spook-Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2014
- Lepidoptera Spook-Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2015
- Give Me Fire & Epilogue Come at Once Challenge: Round 6 - February/March 2016
- Penumbra March Miniseries 2016 Challenge at Fall TV Season Sherlock
- Pale Horse
- Metamorphosis Spook-Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2016
Sherlock - Historical AU Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle

- Salisbury Plain December 2014 Holmestice Exchange
- Fifty Shillings Come at Once Challenge: Round 5 February/March 2015 (Victorian Sherlock setlock crossover with ACD)

- The Apothecaries’ Garden ACD Holmesfest Gift Exchange November 2014
- Fifty Shillings Come at Once Challenge: Round 5 February/March 2015 (crossover with Victorian Sherlock setlock)
- Signs and Signals ACD Holmesfest Gift Exchange May 2015
- Over Park, Over Pale June 2015 Holmestice Exchange
Frankenstein Skyfall
Homo Faber In This Fragile Cage of Bone Series

(An AU Frankenstein/Sherlock fusion written for Springlock 2014)

- Homo Faber: Part I
- Homo Faber: Part II

(AU. Also influenced by earlier Bond movies and books as well as BW's performances in The Tempest, Richard II, Hamlet, Bright Star, Criminal Justice and The Hour.)
- Part I
- Part II
- Part III
- Part IV


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